Thunder Caps Performance Enhancer

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Thunder Caps Performance Enhancer

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Thunder Caps Performance Enhancer

Over the years of taking anabolic compounds I have noticed when coming off cycle and even while on certain compounds my dick was not at full capacity. I have also noticed that this is a very common thing when taking any anabolic compound!

After researching this further to find the best solution I started experimenting with different compounds that affect blood flow and testosterone. In conclusion I found out that Androgens will increase sex drive blood flow along with giving me more energy for weight training. Thunder caps have been designed to do both!

Unlike most bodybuilding compounds that focus more on muscle building effects I decided to see what would happened if I focused on Androgenic effects! After taking Thunder Caps I noticed I had more energy and aggression when training I also noticed I felt more like I did in my early 20s in the bedroom! In conclusion I discovered how important androgens are and how they need to be balanced in your body in order to avoid fatigue and limp dick when on or off cycle!

  • Increased sex drive Bigtime!
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased estrogen levels
  • Natural Anabolic effects
  • Fat loss
  • Rock hard dick!


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