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Liquid Dutast / Dutasteride 30mL 0.5mg/mL

Dutasteride, also known as Avodart, is a dual 5-alpha reductase (5ar) inhibitor. Please note the word ?dual? in front of 5-ar inhibitor, I will bring it up again very shortly. 5-ar is an enzyme responsible for the conversion, or more aptly the 5-alpha reduction of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone(dht). The 5-ar enzyme is made up of 2 isoenzymes. Some 5-ar inhibitors only inhibit one of these two isoenzymes. Dustasteride, however, inhibits both of the isoenzymes thus the reason for it being known as a ?dual? 5-ar inhibitor. It is likely this dual action plays a role in making dutasteride the most effective 5-ar inhibitor available for our research.

So the ultimate result of inhibiting 5-ar in our research subjects by using Dutasteride is the lowering of dht levels. Why would we want to do this? Well there are 2 primary reasons one may deem this necessary in their research and I will touch on both of them.

The first and possibly most well-known reason is to prevent hair loss in our research subjects. Shedding mice are not a pretty sight! Again dht is a potent androgen. It has been discovered that dht builds at the entry of the hair follicle causing it to become brittle, break off, and never grow back. By administering Dutast to our research subjects, lowering 5-ar therefore lowering dht levels, this effect of hair loss can be dramatically reduced or even halted. Dutast is proven in research to be the most effective 5-ar inhibitor for this purpose. In research comparing Dutast, a dual 5-ar inhibitor; to finasteride, a 5-ar inhibitor that inhibits just one of the 2 5-ar isoenzymes, Dustast was found to be almost 30% more effective at new hair growth at just 50% of the dosage of finasteride!

The second less known but possibly more important reason for administering Dutast to our research subjects is the treatment or prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), better known as enlarged prostate. Research has discovered that dht plays a key role in the enlargement of the prostate in male research subjects. By inhibiting 5-ar and ultimately lowering dht, Dutast has been proven extremely effective in reducing prostate size. Again in a head to head comparison with finasteride in the treatment of BPH (enlarged prostate), Dutast was shown to be more effective at lowering dht and resulted in greater symptom improvement. Once again demonstrating the superiority of a Dual 5-AR Inhibitor.

Given the nature of our research and it?s high potential of dramatically elevated dht levels , combined with the adverse effects of these elevated levels, Dutast quickly shows it?s value as a research chem that is clearly the most potent weapon available anywhere to reverse or resolve these negative effects. At one time or another Dutast may very well be the most valued chemical in your research arsenal.

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.? The products are for research purposes only.***


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