Lioness Pro Hormone For Women

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Lioness Pro Hormone For Women

Lioness 19nor-Dehydroepiandrosterone is an anabolic pre-cursor that converts to a compound similar to Var. It is not a steroid but considered a pro-hormone that acts to stimulate the hormone production in the body. 19nor-Dehydroepiandrosterone known to have a better anabolic effect than Var, with a companion weaker androgenic change. It is primarily used by Female figure competitors and weightlifters to gain muscle mass and strength while maintaining leanness. It does not promote the common negative side effects associated with androgenic hormones. 19nor-Dehydroepiandrosterone is considered safe for use in controlled cycles as it does not cause the cessation of the body?s natural hormone process. On the off cycle, there will be a slight loss of muscle and strength gain as the 19nor-Dehydroepiandrosterone boosting agent leaves the system. This allows the detectable amount of 19nor-Dehydroepiandrosterone to pass out of the body and the athlete is legal to compete. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those with heart conditions, liver or kidney diseases. 19nor-Dehydroepiandrosterone should always be taken in controlled cycles and not as a continuous supplement. Benefits of Lioness: Enhanced fat loss Super-charges strength Better muscle hardness Water loss Better vascularity Improves overall mood Increased libido Does not aromatize Recommended Dosage 84mg a day Uses for Lioness: Muscle Gain Bikini Competitor Figure Competitor Female Cross fit Lioness can be taken with Fire Fly to get a well-rounded stack for any serious Female athlete AfterMath PCT Should be taken after cycle to keep hormones balanced. Lioness can be taken with any AO Nutrition female line of pro hormones!

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